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A big Idol Chatter mazel-tov goes to Adam Mesh on his recent wedding! The charismatic, fan-favorite runner-up of NBC’s original “Average Joe” and its follow-up “Average Joe: Adam Returns” tied the knot May 28 with his girlfriend, Jessica Malca. (I hope I’m not dating myself with the reference to a reality TV show that aired a full three years ago, but my wife–who alerted me to this bit of happy news–and I were obsessed with it at the time.)

Despite Mesh’s TV fame, he and Malca–whose name means “queen” in Hebrew, though no word on her religious background–met the old-fashioned way, face to face, no reality shows involved. They were married in a Miami synagogue, and Mesh tells that his favorite part of the wedding was dancing an “extra long” hora. It’s nice to know that my people’s ancient wedding-reception traditions are alive and well, even at a splashy (pseudo)celebrity wedding like Adam’s.

And, of course, it’s always heart-warming to see an “Average Joe” find happiness with his “queen.”

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