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Beliefnet editors receive dozens of books each week, some memorable, some not so much. Every once in a while, however, a book’s back cover description is so arresting that it lingers in the mind for days. So it was with the Christian “socio-spiritual” fantasy novel “The Dogs of Snoqualmie,” to be published this fall:

Snoqualmie, a valley east of Seattle, is the fertile setting for a new fiction trilogy from esteemed storyteller Calvin Miller, who adds a daring dash of fantasy to magnify his view of Christian truth.

In this first book of the trilogy, a soon-to-be-divorced Jewish psychiatrist is counseling a homophobic murderer who has trained his German Shepherd to kill. The next victim is to be a New Age feminist whose environmental pull has pushed the killer’s hot buttons. Amidst the drama, a demented priest and his wolf companion emerge as Christlike symbols who take these characters to the edge of faith, bringing forth a peaceable kingdom.

Can’t wait for September? Place your order now.

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