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It seems that “7th Heaven” may have nine lives. CNN reported today that the series, which had its much-touted finale last week, may return for an 11th season on the new CW network this fall.

Fans of the show will, no doubt, rejoice if the deal goes through. And Catherine Hicks, the show’s matriarch, will continue to ably balance her acting with her advocacy on behalf of Darfur refugees.

Personally, I would welcome an 11th season if only to sort a few things out. First, in the series finale, Matt and Sarah, Kevin and Lucy, and Mary and Carlos all announced they were having twins. I thought, “how sweet–“7th Heaven” ends with the Camdens having 7 grandchildren, with 3 sets of twins plus Savannah!” But what about Carlos and Mary’s son Charlie? And are we to understand that Sandy’s baby was actually Simon’s?

That last point is my second beef. Did Martin give up a promising baseball career for a lie? Did the newly-converted Sandy knowingly deceive Martin? Will Simon jump into marriage again after ending his relationship with Rose?

True, in her Beliefnet interview, Hicks admired the fact that “the show isn’t embroidered in a doily.” But come on–shouldn’t a family series like this leave everything a little more neatly wrapped up? Let’s hope it will, in it’s triumphant TV return this fall.

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