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At least one “Da Vinci Code” mystery has been solved… as far as the High Court in London is concerned. According to Reuters, the British court decided that “while Brown may have copied bits of the 1982 book ‘The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail,’ that [it] did not amount to a breach of copyright.”

Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh, well-known conspiracy theorists and authors of “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” (as the book was titled here in the States), had claimed that Brown stole their idea of a massive church cover-up of the true nature of the bloodline of Christ for his megaselling novel. The suit threatened–or seemed to threaten–to delay the May release of the “Da Vinci Code” movie starring Tom Hanks. It doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist, however, to determine that the timing of the lawsuit was just a little too perfect, seeing as how well the trial coincided with the release of Baignent’s new book “The Jesus Papers,” which claims that Christ didn’t die on the cross–not to mention the buzz over the upcoming “Da Vinci Code” movie release.

(Watch Beliefnet’s video interview with Baigent here.)

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