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In Wednesday night’s “Invasion” episode, “Re-Evolution” (the first new episode aired in over a month), Everglades park ranger Russell Varon theorizes that the hybrids (humans crossed with aliens) beginning to overrun the once-quiet town of Homestead, Fla., are a new link in the evolutionary chain. Russell’s speculation sparks brother Dave to wonder, albeit in a horrified manner, that if Russell’s right, regular humans might become the contemporary version of the Neanderthal in comparison to the higher functioning hybrids.

Meanwhile, Father Scanlon (the priest who unwittingly turned hybrid) is stuck on the remote island where all bad hybrids go. He put about five bullets into Sheriff Underlay’s chest after learning that Underlay lied to him about what it meant to be a hybrid. Underlay convinced Father Scanlon that their transformation was ordained by God, and when Scanlon learned it was really aliens who were behind his rebirth, he was a tad upset and worried that all hybrids–including himself–were devil’s spawn. Hence the shooting.

But when Father Scanlon hears of Russell’s evolution theory, he has an altogether different reaction than Dave. His response is almost relief, or gratitude–perhaps even a sense of sudden grace. He explains to Russell and Dave that just because he’s a priest doesn’t mean evolution is out for him. In fact, evolutionary theory as a way to understand his transformation may bring his belief back to the idea that his rebirth indeed was part of God’s plan after all.

Only the next episodes will tell….

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