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Before he was the 40-year-old virgin, Steve Carell had a hilarious cameo role as the competition news anchor to Jim Carey’s Bruce in “Bruce Almighty.” Now, Universal Pictures plans to release a Summer 2007 follow-up called “Evan Almighty,” with Carell as its central character.

Evan Almighty” will see the return of Morgan Freeman playing the part of God, who informs Evan (Carell)–an anchorman-turned-politician–that a flood is coming so he must build an Ark in the style of Noah.

In my opinion, Carell’s few minutes on screen during “Bruce Almighty” completely stole Jim Carrey’s thunder. That, together with Carell’s recent successes in “Anchorman” and “Virgin,” makes me think that “Evan Almighty” will be a Summer ’07 must-see.

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