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My wife and I viewed two movies this weekend, and we saw a lot of killing. “Firewall” is the new Harrison Ford release. In it, he’s the “good guy” and kills a lot of the “bad guys” who are holding his family hostage. We also finally saw “Munich,” in which Eric Bana plays the “good guy” who kills a bunch of bad guys and a veritable plethora of those hangin’ around them. A spiritual person must ask: What do we think about movies that show that much killing? How do we feel when the “good guys” are doing it? This is especially relevant these days, where we hear a lot about terrorists who believe they’re honoring God when they kill.

We embarked upon the following discussions:

  • Is killing justified for a spiritual person?
  • If so, by whom, and under what circumstances?
  • Who decides?

At this point, the only thing we can agree on is the fact that it’s an important discussion, one of the values and benefits of living in a culture where art not only imitates life, but leads us to reflect upon it.

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