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I blogged recently about rediscovering NBC’s long-running sitcom Scrubs. I have enjoyed connecting once again with goofy resident J.D. and the caustic Dr. Cox as they face each day’s ups and downs with a great deal of wit and, occasionally, a little wisdom. Last night’s episode reaffirmed that this show, now in its fifth season, is getting its second wind.

Building off of the episode from two weeks ago, in which Dr. Cox struggled with his ambivalent feelings about God and religion, last night’s episode had Cox once again facing a question of faith. This time it involved a patient in need of a life-saving operation . The problem? The patient is a Jehovah’s Witness–and Jehovah’s Witnesses do not believe in blood transfusions using someone else’s blood, nor do they believe in storing their own blood to be used for medical procedures.

At first it seemed that Dr. Cox would not honor the woman’s request to forego the surgery, but then, to everyone’s surprise, he announces his decision to respect the woman’s beliefs–even if he doesn’t agree with them. He even attempts to prevent the patient from being transferred to another hospital that will operate on her.

On a side note, the show was even more humorously poignant because Dr. Cox’s journey of personal growth and enlightenment didn’t end there. The episode also found him wrestling with issues of intimacy, when he realizes he finds it too uncomfortable to kiss his toddler son as a sign of affection. Not to worry, Dr. Cox eventually comes to realize there are other ways to express himself and be the loving, demonstrative dad he never had when he was young.

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