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When Hollywood goes looking for someone to helm a new feature film on the Virgin Mary and her life with Joseph prior to the birth of Christ , who do you think is considered to be the most qualfied? Mel Gibson? Nah. Too obvious. Perhaps Ralph Winter ( X-Men), who’s overtly Christian and a super-successful film producer? No, according to yesterday’s edition of the “Hollywood Reporter”, the best artistic choice to direct the next religious epic on the big screen is Catherine Hardwicke, a director whose sole semi-successful film credit is “Lords of Dogtown,” a movie about the skateboarding culture of Venice Beach back in the ’70s.

Supposedly, New Line Cinema, which is producing the film, has said it is hiring Hardwicke because they want a strong female perspective to be embodied within this project. The script is said to follow the journey of Mary and Joseph as their love, faith, and beliefs are tested. Given Hardwicke’s success with a ’70s-era story, I’m wondering if this new movie will also have some groovy tie-dye, an awesome Led Zeppelin/Black Sabbath soundtrack, and an ” I am not a crook” bumper sticker for good measure.

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