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Last night’s “Lost” episode, called “The Hunting Party,” revolved around Jack’s (Matthew Fox) character and revealed an interesting tidbit about his history. Known thus far as the “Man of Science” on the Island–as opposed to Locke ,and now Mr. Eko, who are the most obvious men of faith–Jack’s ability to take leaps into the unknown is apparently far more developed than fans have previously been led to believe.

The episode went into Jack’s past as a doctor, during his marriage to Sarah. As it turns out, the long-ago operation Jack performed on Sarah, which, against all odds, saved her from a life as a parapalegic and later led to their falling in love, was deemed a “miracle” by people within the medical field and the world over. Since that miraculous surgery, Jack came to be known as “The Miracle Worker” in his profession, a title you’d think this “Man of Science” would reject. Instead, it becomes a heavy burden, as he tries to work similar miracles on patients with the most hopeless diagnoses.

How will this new dimension of Jack’s character play out in his life on the Island? This question is left up in the air, at least so far. Fans will have to see what Jack’s complex character has in store as the season continues.

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