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While most of us will enjoy a nice, safe, holiday season with our family and friends, many of the men and women in the armed forces won’t be, especially those serving abroad. With this in mind, has started Thank a Solider Week (December 19-25), which encourages Americans to “stop for a moment and give thanks to the men and women risking everything for us.”

Their website challenges us to do four things: send an email to a solider (the site provides an email form); tell a friend about the site so he or she may do the same; say “thank you” to at least one member of the armed forces as you pass him or her on the street; and lastly, make a donation to a charitable organization providing comfort to the troops and their families. The site also provides video of various country music stars–including George Strait, members of Lonestar, Keith Anderson, Brad Paisely, and Miranda Lambert–giving thanks. My personal favorite is a message from Fred “Two Foot Fred” Gill, of the band Big and Rich, which sings “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy,” my vote for song title of the decade.

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