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Not sure what to get your honey this holiday season? If you’re looking for something faithful yet fun, how about some Christian body cream or Christian bubble bath?

This is what entrepeneurs Zachary and Stacey Adams offer through their company Trinity Cosmetics, a Christian cosmetics company that offers “a divinely inspired beauty collection that is embedded with the teachings of the Christian faith.” The couple believe “that true beauty can be found in all of God’s creations”–and can be bought in attractively packaged Milk and Honey body formulas. And all this is not just about cashing in on Americans’ love of cosmetics; the CEO couple tithes 10% of all profits to Christian philanthropic organizations.

Stacey Adams, a former employee of the cosmetics powerhouse Clinique, is the inspiration–and beauty brain–behind the company. Following her stint at Clinique, the story goes, “Stacey recognized that God had a much bigger purpose for her life. In fact, she realized that through her past experiences God had laid the groundwork for her true calling, whichwas to create a Christian cosmetics brand. A brand that is synonymous with high quality products, as well as with the Christian community.”

Visitors to the company’s website are not only treated to images of bubble baths and body scrubs, but also get prayers and words of inspiration. And, the couple writes, “More importantly, our names and package copy are layered with scripture and biblical principles.” The most commonly found verse on the site? “Trust in the Lord with all your heart” (Proverbs 3:5). As far as biblically inspired names of products, in addition to Milk and Honey, there is Salt of the Earth, and Revival Treatments. And coming soon (though not in time for this Dec. 25th), the company also will offer a Christian color palette for the face.

If a beauty product could revive the body and faith at once–now that would be impressive.

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