Anyone who has experienced the complicated journey of divorce has more than likely known their fair share of moments of stress and duress.

Be it struggles over co-parenting, finances, etc., it may feel as if individuality is temporarily suspended in favor of another dictating your life.

Or perhaps there is less spousal conflict and more a sense of personal loss and identity crisis from remaining in a bad situation too long.


Or simply a general sense of not knowing how to start over or which new direction to pursue. 

Regardless, of what particular aspect of loss, change, vulnerability, fear or frustration weighs on you most heavily, one thing is for sure.

It is difficult to think clearly through a time of exhaustive emotional transition and additional family and financial responsibility.    

The day to day is difficult enough for the average parent to maneuver let alone adding heartache and stress to the point of distraction.

Therefore, having short and specific prayerful mantras can ground anxiety and fears. 

This is a powerful way to keep worries from wandering. 

And reinforce your faith.


Because in times of suffering it isn’t uncommon to pray with fear.

Please let things get better.

Please let this stop.

Why won’t this stop? 

It can be an angst-filled version of prayer reinforcing your sense of temporary hopelessness.

As opposed to faith-filled affirmations assuring you there is both hope and a purpose to this particular suffering.

These are also powerful tools the minute any type of fear or anxiety threatens to steal a bit of your strength and focus while you rebuild your life personally, emotionally, spiritually and professionally.

5 Prayerful Mantras for Divorce

Lord, thank you for making this other person powerless in my life and restoring my sense of empowerment.

Lord, thank you for reminding me this other person is not in control, You are in control.

Lord, thank you for restoring my God-given gifts and taking me further towards my purpose.

Lord, thank you for restoring me, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Lord, thank you for healing my children and I and restoring our warm, loving, respectful, and close relationships.

Lord, thank you for restoring my children’s joy, confidence, spirituality, sense of empowerment and hope through this.

Lord, thank you for lifting these struggles and allowing this pain to subside into purpose.

Lord, thank you for giving me the grace to accept these unwanted changes in my life.

Lord, thank you for the wisdom these are not the devastating losses they appear to be but changes I could not make alone

Lord, thank you for deeming it all I needed to learn and time for new doors and windows to fly open.


These prayerful mantras are just the beginning of reinforcing faith, not fear.

Every single individual is a child of God and deserves to be happy and has God-given gifts which often evolve through periods of great suffering.

The essence of suffering is self-reflection, restoration, and purpose.

It’s just extremely difficult to keep our eyes on that bigger picture while our world feels as though it is falling apart.

Whether you pray these mantras or personalize some for your own particular situation they should reinforce focus and hope and faith.

Lord, I am turning to you in faith not fear because you made me who I am and have given me both gifts and challenges meant to open new doors leading me further to my purpose.

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I’m also contributing pieces on Family Today visit my Facebook Page below to read them. Follow me on Instagram @colleenorme  Facebook @Colleen Orme National Columnist On Medium @ColleenOrme #WomanResurrected (Photo by Element 5 Digital Courtesy of Keenan Constance on Pexels) Twitter @colleenorme E-mail: