How Great Thou Part

Like the rest of this fast-paced digital world, I am in the habit of saving my fav reads for a later date while I zip through my email in delete mode. 

And then I wait for the perfect day to catch up – just me, a cup of tea and my girls Hazel and Phyllis lounging happily at my feet. 


In my latest batch of saved faves? 

I just had to know what had to tell me about the latest and greatest happening in Jen Garner’s life.

She is a divorcing girl after all and if she has found a new calling perhaps it might call me as well. Wrap that up with the fact I really like the humor and writing style of Christina Marfice and I settle in to read it.

Jennifer Garner Has Found a New Calling in Life:

If you have taken a few minutes to give this a read – we both now realize Jen Garner’s new calling is chickens.

Not a bad replacement for Ben.

Alas, I was hoping I would also hear the call that would emancipate me in divorce and make my life somehow more exciting. 

Just don’t think I am ready to join Jen as a bird lady. 

My girls Hazel and Phyllis are more than I can handle but the chicken sure does look easier to walk.

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