How Great Thou Part

I just met with my divorce attorney.

It’s our four-year anniversary.

Who knew I would be ending one relationship and beginning another?

After all, I never imagined my divorce would last the duration of the Presidency.

pexels-photo-534204I believed it to be one and done. A year that is. A few handshakes, phone calls, and meetings. And then I would go back to my life and him to his. My attorney and I that is.

Not that I would be chatting with the receptionist and his assistant by name and like old girlfriends.

Now here’s the thing…

I’m fairly certain if you asked my attorney he would describe this four-year anniversary as ‘dog years.’ And I’m also positive I can make his head spin – in a good way of course.

The only positive news?

My attorney has now known me long enough to witness my ‘re-emergence.’ Self-proclaimed re-emergence that is.

Cue my initial entrance:

Wobbly, whimpering stay at home long enough to give her power away woman walks through the office door. Extremely empathetic yet powerful attorney has no true idea what he’s in for. And in her defense, neither does she. She snatches some tissues, assures him this is not the ‘real’ her and makes her less than dignified exit after a fair amount of what could be considered ‘verbal vomiting.’

Cue my current entrance:

Confident, hopeful, rebuilding her life and nearly back to her old self (she swears) and definitely taking her power back woman walks through the office door. Attorney seems somewhat weary. Nah, she must be imagining things. It couldn’t be her four years of over-talking, panic, absolute fear, and big hot mess ‘ness’ has worn on him! Of course not! She grabs her paperwork, assures him he’s about to know the ‘real’ her (for sure this time) and makes a very dignified exit determined to prove he will actually one day welcome her walking through the door.

I realize both ‘cues’ sound a bit jumbled albeit intentional as this woman doesn’t completely have her act back together yet.

But I am mere moments away.

The cause? Casting aside intimidation and fear and reclaiming my power.

I remember years back, an attorney friend who had also experienced a difficult divorce gave me some words of advice.

“Choosing the right attorney is akin to choosing the right physician. You will know when you sit in their office. You get a feeling that accompanies their qualifications. An instinct this feels like the right one.”

After our recent ‘anniversary’ meeting, I sit in the reception area perusing the documents in front of me. As they spill from my lap, the couch, and the coffee table, a gentleman walks past me. He kindly inquires if I might be more comfortable in their conference room. I assure him in my still ‘not so convincing still partially a big hot mess’ way I am fine.

Despite the Pick Up Stix paperwork game before me – which appears to be beating me.

I finally complete the task at hand and press the elevator button.

The doors open to a friendly face asking who I am there seeing? I answer to which he replies, “He’s one of my partners.”

Later that evening, curiosity drives me to jump on their website to identify my paperwork savior.

It appears he is another of the firm’s partners. I recall the words of my friend. I am in the right place.

The perfect place for an initially falling apart Gumby, Divorce Barbie (because I am doing it all so perfectly) to put all of her Humpty Dumpty pieces back together again.

Once you select several qualified divorce lawyers, heed the advice I was given.

It can definitely help you choose the right attorney.

You might even be lucky enough to celebrate your own four-year anniversary.

Whether they wish you chose them?

Well, that’s another story.


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