How Great Thou Part

Ask any mother and they will tell you the same thing.

Their children are all that matter.

They are everything.


Mother’s Day is an excuse to get them all to ourselves.

Baseball? Sorry, it’s Mother’s Day.

Dance? Sorry, it’s Mother’s Day.

Work? Sorry, it’s Mother’s Day.

Television? Sorry, it’s Mother’s Day.

Friends? Sorry, it’s Mother’s Day.

They are ours – all ours!

Just like they were in the beginning.

It’s a bit ironic…

Remember when they were little? When they would grab a toy, a lollipop or a balloon and declare ‘MINE?!’

Mother’s Day is a grand role reversal.

It’s our day to say ‘MINE!’

To hold on for dear life and say this child belongs to me. No one else! They are ‘MINE.’

With the same satisfied grin, they wore as children when they sashayed by their friends with their favorite toy.

We get to shimmy up to the table at our fav restaurant while friends stop by to offer a ‘Happy Mother’s Day.’  We nod, smile and offer a thank you.

What are we really thinking?

Do you see these beautiful children sitting beside me? They are mine! All MINE!

Much like our children when they grabbed their favorite car or doll and sat for hours contently…so do we.

A maternal utopia.

We wonder how we scored this prized possession?

How did we get to be their momma?

How are they somehow far more amazing than who they came from?

How are they ours?

And like a child who wears themselves out – asleep in the car clutching their best toy. We hold on tightly in much the same way.

We want this day, this glorious day about mothers and children to last forever. 

We want it all back.

No matter how old our children get.

We don’t want to lose our favorite thing in the whole world…even to college, a new apartment or a spouse.

But we must.

Because they are all that matter.

They are everything.

And fortunately once a year, we are again the most important person in their lives.


If just for a glorious day.

We are all that matter again.

We are their everything.


(Photo courtesy of Pexels)

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