How Great Thou Part

I am watching the Steve Harvey Show.

It’s a rerun highlighting the Girls Who Rule the World Program which the Harvey’s founded.

A sweet teenage girl says something which catches me off guard.

“I’m going through a divorce with my parents.”

pexels-photo (1)

I am struck by the poignancy of her words.

Most children simply say, “My parents are getting a divorce.”

Just that slight shift in verbiage amps up the reality children of divorce live.

It’s true.

Children do go through a divorce with their parents.

This young girl speaks of the difficulty.

Of course, we know this but somehow grown adults get lost in their own childish emotion.

And of course, there is a reason the marriage ended, to begin with. There was either conflict or bad behavior which could not be resolved. And while we altruistically believe divorce will provide the healing, this often does not occur until quite some time after the divorce.

Every divorcing parent should repeat the innocent words of this child to themselves.

“I’m going through a divorce with my parents.”





(Photo courtesy of Pexels)

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