How Great Thou Part


We try and live our lives with a system of checks and balances.

We have physicals, dentist appointments, and meetings for our finances. We have assessments at the gym, work reviews at the office, teacher meetings, and oil changes.

We seem to make plans for everything which is important in our lives.

Well, almost everything.

Love is absent of any wellness checks.

We do not meet once a year with a relationship counselor to get an emotional physical. We do not get an assessment about how well ‘we’ are ‘working out.’ Nor do we get an annual review from our spouse.

We just sort of trudge and nudge along, making our way in one of the most basic but complicated arena’s of our lives.

We don’t receive regular check-ups on love..

How healthy is our relationship?

What improvements can be made?

What are each of us bringing to the ’emotional table?’

Making matters worse, in this team sport known as love, there’s usually one player who is more interested in the game. This is the player on the sidelines yelling foul while the other player is ignoring the rules of love. All the more reason there is a necessity for regulation. If not, a referee must be called in.

Yes. Love needs a system of checks and balances. 

It needs the same type of regular attention the other aspects of life receive. Perhaps even more since… much of what we eat can be attributed to bad habits caused by unhappiness

Much of what we eat can be attributed to bad habits caused by unhappiness.

Stress can affect our health.

Sadness can make us lethargic and keep us from the gym.

Our children can do poor in school when things are not great at home.

And our work can decline when preoccupied with relationship issues.

We need to understand love is at the core of our lives.

Perhaps if love delved into the ‘wellness’ craze rather than the diagnosis stage more relationships would thrive.

If we asked ourselves…

What are the ’emotional smart foods’ we need to feed it?

And the ’emotional interval training’ necessary to keep it strong?

Instead, we meditate and do yoga to destress.

Or eat and drink wine to escape.

It’s time love enter into the preventative health care phase.

And take a place in our system of checks and balances. 

Caring for and receiving help for our relationships is simply another aspect of taking good care of ourselves.

And if we do, perhaps idle cocktail party whispers will transform into cocktail party shouts about what great ‘couple’ shape your in.



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