How Great Thou Part

I look at my boys and I see their disappointment.

I remember a day when they wanted me to break free.

I wasn’t shrewd enough to know attempting to leave was naive. I didn’t know there were some people who would never let you go. Who would make moving on impossible. A game where there would always be a winner and a loser.

I didn’t know that divorce would leave me less able to protect them – when I sought it TO protect them.

I didn’t know.

But I do know…

Some women stay.


They pretend the grass isn’t greener.

They reject the legacy that staying makes certain for their children.

They lose the self-respect that every single human being is gifted.

They kid themselves that no one is truly happy.

They let someone who once promised to protect them, mistreat them.

I do know…

Some women stay.

I didn’t stay.

Because I am strong.

Because I knew the grass could be greener.

Because I knew the legacy that staying would make certain for my children.

Because I have the self-respect which every human being is gifted.

Because I deserve to be happy.

And because no one will ever mistreat me.

I look back and wonder how I ever could have doubted myself. How I ever could have fretted a friendship lost. How I ever could have felt alone. How I ever pondered my strength.

I will never question or doubt myself again.

Because some women stay.

And I did not.

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