How Great Thou Part

As much as we talk about putting down our cell phones we seldom do.

Technology has become a widely acceptable addiction. 


Sexting aside, it has put a cramp in relationship intimacy. One that extends far beyond romantic liaisons and into our basic life relationships. The ones that establish the foundation of who we are, our families and our friends. The people we used to pick up a phone to talk to and now dismiss with a quick LOL or TTYL.

So how can we take standard technology and amp up the extraordinary love?

Refreshing ways to share the love via your mobile:

1. A Personalized Emoji Plan:

Think our love only.

Develop your own special ‘Lexting’ (Love Texting) emoji signature. Forget the normal over-used emojis in favor of either those you don’t typically use. Even better? Search for newer and more unusual emojis and download them from the app store.

String together several of these emoji to use as your own or your family’s own unique way of saying ‘I love you.’ It dials up the sense of love your child will feel when they recognize this ultra-personalized emoji signature rather than they typical red heart.

Perhaps you have an inside joke or nickname or something that reminds you of another family member or friend. Choose two to three emoji symbols to let them feel the ‘lext.’ For instance, their nickname is ‘Moo’ so sign off with an emoji of a cow, a heart or a cow and a heart and a symbol which will also remind them of you.

Maybe your friend loves donuts. String that together with a few other emoji and again, make it your consistent signature sign-off or out of the blue, “I am thinking of you with no words” text.

2. Mix-Up Your Standard Timing and Phrases:

Think who me? The same ole’ thing? Never.

Do you always reach out to people at the same time of day? Let’s say you check in on your college kids mid-day or your mom every morning, start alternating your typical clock. Let them know you are thinking of them when it will most surprise them. Periodically text your kids early in the morning and your mother in the evening.

Do you always text the same standard questions, such as ‘Wasup?” “Good Night” or “Thinking Of You?” Start to add a little different flavor of the unexpected. Use different words or an emoji or if you overuse emoji’s send a few words. Anything that will make this particular message seem more like a loving exchange rather than a rote text.

3. Choose A Few Reconnections: 

Think random love.

The majority of us are communicating with the same people day in and day out. It only makes sense. Take the time to choose a few people you haven’t spoken to and send them some love. Maybe you don’t regularly speak to your aunt and uncle or a friend from an old job or a friend that moved away.

Text them for no reason and make sure they realize you are reaching out for no other purpose than to say you love them. Keeping up with people this way is immediate, costs zero money and may surprise them at a time when they need to feel cherished and remembered.


4. Text With Action:

Think this cell connection is better than you think.

A text is fairly expected. Your phone pings and alerts you that a friend or family member is looking for you but what if they ACTUALLY LITERALLY ARE  looking for you?

You text your sister and ask if she would like to meet for lunch. She texts back, “Sure, when?”

“Uh, right now. I’m outside your office with two turkey sandwiches.”

SO great, right? Surprise someone you love with an action filled text.

5. Good Morning Love:

Think morning influencers.

There is nothing better than starting your day off the right way and there is nothing better than love to do so. Surprise someone you love in the morning. Tell them you are thinking about them and hope this is their greatest day ever. Throw a bit of emoji love in there for good balance.

Sounds too simple, doesn’t it? However, think about it for a moment. Do you ever text someone in the wee hours of the morning that you are wishing them a wondrous day? Probably not. You text them later in the morning with a question or to tell them what is happening in your life.

ios-new-mobile-gadget-163096 (1)These five ‘lexting’ motivators should hopefully escalate technologically inspired love.

After all, we communicate incessantly yet at the same time we communicate less. A conversation  with those we love should be intimate regardless of the format.

It’s up to us to ensure we guard that individual love intimacy no matter how we convey it.



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