How Great Thou Part

I am passionate about divorce.

Sounds odd, doesn’t it? An oxymoron of a sentence…so to speak

I am passionate about divorce because I failed so miserably in my attempts to save my marriage.

As a problem solver and a fixer, I thought I could do anything. I would make my marriage better. I would find the solution even others might not know to look for. However, life has a way of humbling us. Of reminding us though we may strive for perfection it’s a messy life. My own enabling shortcomings partnered with a spouse who felt working things out meant losing control ultimately brought the end of our relationship.

I can only use my failures to grow as a person and help others avoid my mistakes.

To make a marketing reference, many businesses do not fail for lack of customers. They fail because an entrepreneur refuses to change their original vision. They have their own idea of what product or service they are offering and often fail to listen to what the customer demonstrates they will buy.

If I am completely honest with myself, my original vision for my relationship changed the year I got married. In fact, I always say I did not marry the man I dated for nearly six years.

However, I would not let go of my original vision. The happy go lucky couple. The one my mother referred to as “not having ever seen two people get along so well.”
In truth, as soon as we married the entrepreneur was saying one thing and the customer was demanding another.

I knew this yet I ignored it.

I knew I should listen to my inner voice. My husband had become the entrepreneur with his vision guiding the relationship. I had become the customer who kept trying to say I didn’t want this version of a product. I was never truly heard.

A business that does not listen to the customer may stay afloat for a while but it will ultimately fail.

However, the tenacious entrepreneur hangs in there as does the few loyal customers they have.

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