How Great Thou Part

I sit in a cafe in Manhattan.

The day is gorgeous. I glance with envy upon those who have landed the open air tables on the sidewalk.

I take in two young girls who sit oblivious to one another. They text incessantly never raising their heads.

These are the relationships of today. Two young friends who laugh at their phones rather than with one another. It makes me curious about the divorce of the future.

Of course, first I must acknowledge the marriage of the future. It may look like this…

– Wanted spouse who will dine with me, texting only, no conversation necessary.

– Emotional intimacy not required.

– Text me for a happily ever after.

Maybe I am mistaken, but my marriage was initially built upon conversation and some emotional intimacy and it didn’t last. I could be wrong, of course. Perhaps the emotionally vacant technological exchanges of the future will prove fruitful.

I just can’t help but wonder. What does this mean for the future of divorce?

– I’m sorry.

– Found a spouse who lacks more emotional intimacy and texts more than you do.

– I want a divorce.

(Photo courtesy of Pexels)
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