How Great Thou Part

The break-up of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is horrible news for Brangelina lovers. It is vindication for Jennifer Aniston fans.

People all over the world are asking what went wrong?

Is it necessary to hear all the details? Not really, there were obvious signs along the way.

It is sad to see any marriage dissolve even one that started amongst great controversy.

What is surprising is that no one seems to have identified Angelina Jolie as this generation’s Elizabeth Taylor.
There are so many similarities to the great Hollywood legend.

1. Legendary Beauty:

Angelina Jolie is also known for her extraordinary beauty. A woman or rather temptress men find difficult to resist. A quality that leads many celebrity wives and girlfriends fearing their husband’s co-star with Jolie, not unlike spouses of Elizabeth Taylor’s generation.

2. Humanitarian:

Angelina Jolie is a devoted humanitarian and generously philanthropic. A selfless woman with limitless time and resources for those in need much like Taylor.

3. A Contradiction:

Angelina Jolie is at the same time, a contradiction. She is selfish enough to possess zero boundaries and take engaged or married men as her own with absolutely no regard to their spouses. If Jolie wants a man she will do anything to get him with seemingly little conscious much like Taylor.

4. Devastating America’s Sweetheart:

Angelina Jolie broke up the marriage of America’s Sweetheart, Jennifer Aniston. It is not unlike the Elizabeth Taylor and Eddie Fisher scandal that hurt then America Sweetheart, Debbie Reynolds.

5. Multiple Marriages and Adoption:

Angelina Jolie and Taylor both adopted children. Jolie has already married three times and Taylor in her lifetime married eight times.

A multitude of parallels exists between Angelina Jolie and Elizabeth Taylor. It was somewhat obvious if Brad Pitt wanted to keep a woman who seems to bore easily they should never have married. Though it may eventually come out whatever part he played in the demise of the marriage, Jolie is a free spirit who was better left to feeling unconfined to one individual. It may have increased the length of their union.

Additionally, as far as relationships go, the obvious contradiction between a person capable of seemingly selfless acts and very selfish ones is a huge relationship concern. Jolie is both praised for her humanitarian work and criticized for her homewrecking tendencies. It falls under the umbrella of enabling, allowing a person their bad behavior and justifying it. In this case, because Jolie is capable of such goodness too.

Nevertheless, while one can be in awe of her generous philanthropy, the real concern is a truly selfless person is not overtly selfish enough to take what is not theirs and cross societal boundaries to do so. A huge relationship red flag.

Only time will tell if Brad Pitt is her Richard Burton.

If the supposed allegations of certain behaviors are true. It is a sad ending to the union regardless.

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