How Great Thou Part

A few bad weeks pass by.

The weeks that remind us that faith is really all we have when our lives stopping making sense.

When we lack clarity. When we don’t understand the reason for the pain. When we feel alone.

When we are so confused that we lose our confidence in making the right decisions.

Celebrities are not immune.

We know this. We understand that they are simply real people who have chosen a high profile career. Yet, somehow we forget – whether it’s their audacity to chase their dreams or the talent which elevates them, we believe they are different.

Blake Shelton reminds us just how human he is with his new song, Savior’s Shadow.

He presents an exquisite blend of spirituality and music. One that allows us to cry along side of him in our own pain infused, faith seeking missile.

Blake Shelton possesses a spiritual confidence which is evident in his boldly penned beliefs.

Savior’s Shadow is a ballad created with the type of substance of yesteryear and the classic music which stands the test of time.

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