How Great Thou Part

Have you ever asked yourself…

What are the most hurtful words you can say to someone?

Even more importantly – Why do we say them to the people who matter most to us in the world?

It’s really not rocket science.

It is the ego.

When one lets go of their individual ‘ego’ they can communicate with the confidence and respect that people and relationships deserve. The irony? It is the bruised ‘ego’ that feels hurt and unloved or wronged that makes a person lash out and hurt the person that they love.

It’s all so avoidable. It’s no different than taking a class in math or science. It’s a simple formula. Relationships are like that math problem that you didn’t feel smart enough to solve. Yet, it was so uncomplicated if you looked at the formula. If you had a guideline to take what may have looked like another language and interpret it more simply.

In other words, relationships are the panic before the final exam.

Class is going pretty well day to day. Everyone is showing up. No real stress. And then things get anxious and heated. It’s time that you have to confront the tough part of the class. What have you really learned? In that stress, everything falls apart. It goes from the team spirit of the actual entire classroom to survivor instincts. How will I pass this test?

The trick is to remain a part of the class and not the exam survivor.

These are the most damaging and hurtful phrases that a person can say to another person.

Sadly, they are said most commonly by a person who is currently feeling damaged and hurt themselves.

1. I hate you
2. I don’t care
3. I don’t love you
4. You always…. and anything that follows these words is never good. It’s an absolute.
5. You never…..and anything that follows these words is never good. It’s an absolute.
6. That’s just like you to….don’t describe a person this way. It’s never good.

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