There are people you know.

And then, there are people who know you.

These are the people who view every single emotional bump and bruise as what chiseled you – not whittled you.

They believe your shortcomings attract – not detract.

They buy the whole package – not just the value added features.

Some believe it’s known as friendship.

Others realize it’s love

Only true and unconditional love gifts the most successful friendship/loveship.

The 5 Secrets of Successful Friendships

1. One Should Feel Safe: The best friendships are with people who make your world a safer place. They are someone who is your emotional first responder. You call them when you are spilling joy or hemorrhaging pain. You know you can confide anything and expose everything. They are one of your safe people in the world.

2. One Should Feel Loyalty: The best friendships are limitlessly loyal. You are a part of their pack and dare an individual threaten your safety, they will emerge to protect before they hear your first cry. They dismiss the opinions of others because being a true friend to one is paramount to be a friend to many.

3. One Should Feel Confident: The best friendships make you feel fabulous. You sit together and know that for whatever reason, despite the best and worst of you, they think you’re something special. They believe the faults that might annoy another are simply a part of your charm.

4. One Should Feel Loved Not Judged: The best friendships lack judgment. They understand the similarities which made you bond and the differences that make you each unique. It is a confidence to allow one another to actually be one another.

5. One Should Feel Known: The best friendships are with people who recognize you for who you truly are. They know why you do what you, say what you say or act how you act. The very best friendships do not make people feel as though they have to explain or defend themselves. There is no need because they respect who you are.

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