How Great Thou Part

A divorce doesn’t come with a standard reply. It is varied because there are those who simply don’t know what to say. There are others who fear it could happen to them. There are the inspiring individuals who recognize the strength it takes to alter life in this manner. There are the nurturers who are willing to jump right in with support. And there are the people who take away the sense of insecurity and validate that this is the right path.

The following four categories represent different responses to acknowledging a friends divorce:

The standard sympathy – It stems from either sincerity or the better you than me mentality.

I am so sorry
I am so sad for you
That’s too bad

The inspiring response – It acknowledges that getting out of a bad situation is admirable and not shameful.

Good for you
You have guts

The helping hand – It represents the awareness for the need for support.

What can I do?
Are you alright?
Let me take you out

The supporting validator – It validates that everyone deserves to be happy and in a healthy relationship.

Happy for you…you deserve better
I am so glad you have gotten out of that situation
You deserve to be happy

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