How Great Thou Part

I am in my marriage counselors office.

“How do you think you have changed?” he asks.

“I no longer trust people,” I say. “It’s beyond the immediate relationship with my husband and more about how so many relationships are altered in divorce.”

“You should write about that,” he says. “You should write about how much friendships can change in divorce.”

“I have,” I respond. I know he is right; however, there is still much more to explore on that subject. I need to write more.

I continue my response…

“I am almost back to my old self,” I say. “My moxie, my confidence it’s returning. I am returning. I am so grateful for that; however, I don’t think I will ever regain that sense of pollyanna-esque trust I once had.

“How about we rephrase it,” he says.

“How so?” I ask.

“Why don’t we say that you are more discerning,” he says. “You have learned to be more discerning about people. The gift of discernment is a precious gift…not distrusting, but cautious. ‘Be wise as a serpent, but harmless as a dove.'”

I like it. My marriage counselor turned a negative into a positive. I did not know this when I was initially referred to him, but he is actually a Christian based psychologist. It is a good fit for me. My faith reinforces that everything happens for a reason, even the bad stuff. However, divorce made it challenging to remember that. My counselor is a source of spirituality for me. He reminds me this is still all a part of the plan. A part of the plan that God had for me and for my children.

He reminds me that I haven’t lost trust in people. I have gained wisdom.

I am now wise as a serpent, but still harmless as a dove.


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