How Great Thou Part

I sit with friends in the coffee shop. We share a few really great laughs.

I realize two things have magically returned to my life.

A fairly, constant smile once again accompanies my face. A natural ‘joie de vivre’ is creeping back into my life.


A sense of peace. I no longer feel hurt and raw and frustrated. I don’t feel the need to over talk anymore because being alone is so much better than living with someone, feeling alone and not being heard.

There were moments in the past, where I felt myself healing, but they were the baby steps in the process of grief. The moments that have led me to this place of a more elevated, true healing.

A few weeks ago, there was an occasion where my soon to be ex-husband and I had to do something together. I call these moments, ‘parallel play.’ I refer to our interactions that way because they resemble two toddlers in a room together, moving around one another, but never truly interacting.

We are in the car and as we pull to a stop, the radio belts out “Red, Red Wine.”

“Really????” I think. “Is this song going to haunt me forever????”

What are the chances that the two of us are together in the car for a rare moment and our, very, old, honeymoon song fills the air?

What is up with that?
Is it Irony?
Is it karma?
Is it God giving us a good laugh?

I look at my husband and realize he is oblivious to the tune. Hence, how we were terribly mismatched.

We are no longer two connected people, one car and a honeymoon song.

We are just two people, one car and a song…just a song.

It is cold here in the Northeast. A new blanket of snow falls to cover the holes in the old one, but my
heart thaws despite the outside temperatures. It no longer feels cold and empty. It feels the warmth of love returning and a definite hope of healing.


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