How Great Thou Part

The people who love the best, are the ones who love themselves the most. A full heart is a generous heart.

This Valentine’s Day, regardless of whether there is a significant other in the picture, each individual person owes it to themselves to center their life by loving themselves too.

Here are DIY Fall in love with yourself this Valentines Day

1. Once Upon A Time STORY – Sit in front of a computer or buy a journal and then go back to the beginning. Each person starts out life with the unique characteristics, passions and gifts that comprise them. This is about you and only you. It is your beginning. It is not life as a wife or a mother or a job title held. It is who you are and what you did when you were very little. Make this into a one page printout with a graphic – The title “Insert Your Name” Once Upon A Time Story.

2. Illustrate Your STORY – Buy a pasteboard or bulletin board or magnetic board. Get the largest pile of magazines to be found, especially ones that speak to the interests of your childhood. Spend time sifting through the pages, looking for pictures that define/describe who you are, your loves, your interests. If you have taken the time to dig deep to write your, “Once Upon A Time” story the picture illustrations will more than likely match. It will also expand on it a bit and more than likely reflect who you became as a young adult and those loves/interests/passions as well.

3. Go to a craft store and buy rocks with a black pen that will write on them. The rocks will make a powerful long term visual in a basket or bowl. Write down all of the qualities that would describe you, such as, generous, patient, kind, intelligent, problem solver, etc. and then transfer each to one of the rocks.

4. Every single person has God given gifts. Some have a few that are more predominant and drive passion in a singular direction and others may have a few more creating a passion/path which is a bit more diverse. Write down all of your God given gifts/talents. Now you will need more rocks and a gold pen or perhaps buy different colored rocks to represent these gifts. Then there will be an even stronger visual in the form of a basket or bowl of rocks representing your best qualities and your God given gifts/talents standing prominently among them.

5. This may take a bit of nerve, but it’s a great affirmation of who you are. Either e-mail or ask family and friends (say choose six to ten people) and ask them to list the three top qualities they think of when they think of you. Now combine the list and write a master list. Now grab a tube of lipstick (really) and write these on your bathroom mirror. You now will not only see a reflection of yourself, you will also see the reflection those that love you see.

6. Search the internet (Google, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and find four to six quotes that you most identify with that inspire self-love and make you feel as though they were written for and describe you. For instance, a quote such as, “She’s bubbly like champagne and sparkly like glitter.” Or more serious ones if they describe your personality. Now take the quote and either enlarge it and print it or create your own graphic with it as large as an 8 x 10. Print them out and post them in your home, office, as your screensaver, etc. A place where you will see them daily.

7. Buy red or pink construction paper and cut out hearts or buy pre-made hearts at the craft store. Write down the top three to six ways that you love to spend your time. The activities or time spent that makes you happiest. It could even be something that you love and you never do anymore or always meant to do. The things that still speak to you from your childhood and not just the activities you make time for today. Place them in a shoebox. The kind you used to put Valentines cards in. Decorate the box with more hearts and resolve to do the things that bring out the best of you in the next month.

8. Go to a craft store or Starbucks and buy a mug (the kind that comes with a pen) that you can write on. Now write down all the silly things that make you – you! A childhood nickname, your favorite color, your favorite animal, something you love to collect, the town you grew up in, your favorite show, etc. Use it to drink down and enjoy who you are every day.

So fall in love with yourself, this Valentine’s Day and hopefully this year.

The people who love the best, are the ones who love themselves the most
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