How Great Thou Part

I change into a black smock and find my way to the chair.

My hairstylist grabs a section of my hair and some foil. We laugh as she begins the process.

TODAY, I am getting a blue streak laced within my dark brown hair.

It’s my year. My re-entry. My take back. My comeback. My “Hey Life” I’m back in the game!

I text a few of my girlfriends. Their reactions vary…

One is horrified
As is another
One calls me Katy Perry

I text my sister…her reaction?

“You go girl – next time go blind!”

“What?” I respond horrified

“Oops,” she texts. “I meant go blonde HA HA!”

My niece texts me back and says, “WHAT?? I need to see this!”

We laugh at the salon. Of course, more like they are laughing at me. The bold and daring stylists who are far more adventurous. They indulge me; however, allowing me to feel as if my bold, almost divorced New Year’s declaration of edgy, wildness IS truly wild.

I have grown weary of my black and white, dreary, divorce existence.

Today begins the day of color (quite literally) re-entering my world.

So why the blue? I can blame ‘Days Of Our Lives,’ actress Lauren Koslow. She defies age, dresses impeccably, and pulls off this subtle, blue streak in her dark hair. I never actually knew why she had the streak, just that it gave her a unique, edge. Today, while editing this piece I decided to look it up. It turns out she did it for the exact same reason. She was chasing her wild.

Well, her character’s wild at the time. Only now it’s a bit of her own trademark.

So…It seems it’s kismet.

My tiny, bit of hip, edge will partner well with my new drink…pink champagne. I chose a drink carefully. One that speaks of both color AND the New Year so I keep my mojo reminded that I’m chasing my wild.

It’s my year. My re-entry. My take back. My comeback. My “Hey Life” I’m back in the game!

A year of blue streaks and pink champagne!

My bold, almost divorced, New Year’s declaration of edgy wildness.

Okay, so not so wild…but IT IS MY wild.

What’s your wild?

Days Of Our Lives Actress, Lauren Koslow

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