How Great Thou Part

I sit in front of my computer. I open my e-mails one by one. I get to my friend “Kiki’s.” Her pain jumps out at me. Her words tired and aching.

It is a broken heart that writes me this morning.

So I type my response.


I am so sad that you have been hurt this deeply. This will not necessarily make you feel better now…

However, in time you will realize that he was never selfless enough to love you in the first place. I, too, struggled with letting go for so long. I look back now and realize it could have been far worse. I could have lived my whole life with someone who never had the true ability to love because he loved himself too much. I had to learn this lesson myself. No one could tell me. No one could talk to me.

I had to shed all the heartache. I had to fight for love. I had to yell out all the pain. I had to spill the tears. I had to destroy my self-respect. I had to tremble with fear. I had to fight with God. I had to lose myself.

And then I had to let go. I had to save my heart.

Another ‘Broken Heart’

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