How Great Thou Part

I am in my car. I am lost in thought as I listen to Sara Evan’s song, “I Get A Little Bit Stronger.” It is a song that is an ode to healing little by little after a lost relationship. Today there are no tears like these songs usually drag out of me. It could be just the day. A good day – or it could be that I, too am getting a little bit stronger.

I am starting to let go of the past and once again enter the present and I find myself so grateful again.

I find myself realizing the 5 Reasons I am glad I am almost divorced:

1. I don’t cry anymore (well, hardly ever)
2. There is calm in our house again
3. When I smile now I really mean it
4. I have hope in my heart again
5. I am concentrating on what I have gained and not the mistakes that I made

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