How Great Thou Part

A year and a half ago, fed up, I got in my car and drove to an attorney’s office. I shook his hand, handed him a check and left with a sense of peace.

The next day, in the shower I began to sing.

“Wow,” I thought to myself. “I am singing again.”

I had forgotten that I liked to sing… in the shower, in the car with the kids – wherever – I loved to sing.

I called my sister.

“I am so happy!” I squealed.

“Colleen,” she said. “This is temporary. Divorce is not a happy thing and it is going to get so much worse.”

Suffice it to say. My sister who likes the column moniker “Foxy Roxie” (she wanted a good name) was 100% correct.

I foolishly thought it meant things were going to get better because I was taking my power back. Only when you are connected to someone for this long you can’t be free that quickly. I then have to add staying at home with my children all these years and I am powerless to be free of him in many ways. It will take a lot more time.

Regardless – I still sing! And that’s a window opening back to me until the door to him closes.

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