How Great Thou Part

I flop onto my couch, put my computer on my lap and my cold pressed (carrot, cucumber, orange and ginger) juice on the table beside me. I start to watch television much like the rest of us do today, constantly distracted by my laptop. My eyes turn towards the fire fading in my fireplace.

The moment of mesmerizing gaze makes me drift to a conversation that I had with two of my boys.

We sat in our kitchen just after school chatting about life.

I told them that we have to be mindful, conscious of our aches and pains. I told them it’s important to communicate what we are feeling and not let it spill out in other ways. Certainly I have had a hard time with this lately. I explained that though we all have our moments that it should be the exception and not the rule that we take our moods out on others because we are tired, cranky, aching or stressed.

The fire is becoming faint. My gaze turns back towards the television.

To be aware of our feelings allows us to be conscious of what we give of ourselves to others. To face our feelings and our problems further permits us to give the best of ourselves to others.

We need to process life. We need to process our feelings.

We need to do this so that what comes out of us is a generosity of love. We need to keep giving not taking and we need to find people who give as much as they get.

We need to find people who live their lives both ways.


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