How Great Thou Part

I often want to scream. To announce to the world that love just simply isn’t that complicated.

Ironically, that is often what I tell my marketing clients. I urge them to understand that business is not complicated. On the contrary, it is built upon a few, simple principles. If you stay brand centered and conscious of what helps a business thrive then you will ultimately become profitable.

Only that’s not how most businesses come to life. The majority of businesses start because someone believes they bake the best cupcake, build the best house or design the greatest outfit. It is a passion fueled without much business knowledge.

One thing leads to another and often, the lack of a plan and marketing infrastructure eventually causes chaos within the day to day operations. From there things just get more out of control.

Love is quite the same way.

We are young and become passionate about another. We do not understand the basic principles of a great relationship. The few fundamental concepts of communication which allow love to be ridiculously profitable and without them day to day life gets in the way and things get further out of control.

When we take a step back and realize that passion must be accompanied with reason then there is a balance that promotes profitability.

Most businesses do not fail for lack of customers. They fail because of a business owners inability to redirect, establish a strong brand and have a solid plan.

Most relationships do not fail for lack of love. They fail because of an individual’s inability to redirect (compromise), establish a strong brand (meaning two not just one) and have a solid plan (respect, communication, generosity.)

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