How Great Thou Part

I don’t really like to admit this, but I spent a lot of years crying in my marriage.

One day my sister turned to me and said, “Colleen, no one else in your life makes you cry. If it was you, if you were a crier than you would be crying in all of your relationships and in all other aspects of your life.”

I knew my sister was right. No one else made me cry except for one individual.

Well, except the Hallmark Channel and animal rescue videos.

Of course, as a big, massive, tear disclaimer, I must admit that in the past several years I now cry at almost anything and anyone. Making the Hallmark Channel and animal rescue videos all the more challenging.

The pain from my relationship has been that great. It has bubbled over into all aspects of my life.

I don’t understand how another human being watches someone cry and sits idly. Is there a payoff in control? In being right? Is it ego?

Love should always win.

I don’t understand the need convince someone they are wrong rather than listening to their pain. I want to hear the pain of the ones I love equally as much as I want to hear their joy. It stands to reason that I would most want to hear the pain which may have been caused by me. I have the power to correct that.

Love should win. Love should always, always win.

And love–love doesn’t truly exist when someone starts, not stops your tears.
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