How Great Thou Part

I am continually reminded that divorce is a grieving process. It the midst of living through it you recognize all of the stages of grief.

The kids of divorce feel these stages as well.

It’s important to recognize this. We all grieve differently and we can’t always lean on each other. This life change can send a family typically elasticized by love to far corners. It tosses your family into a hurricane of emotion. These are just a few of the universal truths of loss.

You must endure the process. A process that isolates you until you reemerge and resistantly let go of a love the way you knew it.

Yes, grief (divorce) is a time of stillness. A time that brings you wholly back to yourself. A time when you can be surrounded by many, but feel singularly present. When you feel that quiet there is no place else to run. When you feel the rest of the world walk out, you feel God walk in.

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