How Great Thou Part

We are laughing with my sister who recently had knee surgery. It is my sister, my niece and me.

“I’m weepy,” she says.

“Weepy, who says that?” laughs her daughter.

I know who says that! It was our mother.

I miss my mom. I really miss my mom through the ‘weepier’ days of divorce. And I especially miss my mom when my sister speaks her familiar language.

I often wonder and wish for the advice my mom would give me in the midst of divorcemania.

I am reminded of a conversation with my friend, “Stella.”

We are commiserating about divorce. It is a conversation of waxing and waining about our strength and weakness at a time that we need only the prior.

“My mom says that I need to put it in God’s Hands,” says Stella. “I tell my mom, Really? Don’t you think his hands are getting pretty full?”

For a brief moment I am so envious of Stella. I wish I still had my mom to turn to. I want advice. I want comfort. I want my mom.

I want to know the stellar (sorry had to put in the pun) words my mother would offer me at this time so that I can cope.

We finish our conversation and I think back to what Stella’s mom had said to her. A smile comes across my face.

The truth is my mother seldom offered concrete advice in the crisis of life. She didn’t get specific on what she thought I should do. She would only say one thing to me.

“Colleen, put it in the hands of The Lord.”

As a young girl, I always wanted more. I wanted a step by step solution.

Stella’s mother reminded me that I don’t have to wonder what my mom would tell me to do. She left me with the unifying simplicity and magnitude of prayer.

She left me with concrete advice.


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