How Great Thou Part

I am sitting to write my column. It is a weepy day. A day when the side effects of divorce are difficult to stave off. I am worried about my children, about paying the bills, about a true independent future.

I take a moment to click on the Beliefnet article below. I find it difficult to pass on most quotes, nor can I pass on all things Oprah.

Three of Oprah’s quotes speak to me:

“What God intended for you goes far beyond anything that you can imagine.”

“Turn your wounds into wisdom.”

“Where there is no struggle there is no strength.”

Oprah’s words are poetic ‘duct tape’ for my wounds. I can catch my emotional breath.

I am able to plug my emotions and absorb the warmth from my nearby fireplace. I am back in the moment rather than floundering in future worry.

I watch the attempt to replace Oprah on daytime television.

If the studios called me in for a marketing consultation I could tell them why they have been unable to capture her magic. They simply have tried to take television personalities and make them into talk show hosts. They have not taken life personalities and given them a television forum.

Oprah is a kindred spirit to the likes of Ellen and Steve Harvey. The magic not being in their television life, but rather in the strength they have gained in their personal lives. They are, “healers’ of people. They are ‘missionaries of life.” Television is simply the tool that allows their message to inspire, comfort and spread.

I write to heal. I know that words possess this strength. I hope to be a ‘missionary of life.’ I am attempting, to “turn my wounds into wisdom, my struggles into strength and know this is because what God intended for me goes beyond anything that I can imagine.”


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