How Great Thou Part

I often say that I write of love. If you go to my website ( and to the, “About Me,” page it is how I define my brand.

I also say that ‘love,’ is as simple, yet as complicated as the concept of ‘brand,’ is to business. The marketer in me realizing that love is the core of relationships and brand the core of business.

If both are not done well then eventually the relationship and the business will fail.

Author, Elizabeth GIlbert, “Eat, Pray, Love,” is quoted as saying, “To be fully seen by somebody, and then loved anyhow – that is a human offering that can border on miraculous.”

It is “unconditional love.” To absolutely know someone faults and strengths and see only the good in them.

It is not only what’s needed for the best marriages, but for the best friendships as well.

It is love done right. That is certainly as, Gilbert attests, “miraculous,” and every single one of us deserves to experience that miracle.

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