How Great Thou Part

It is early evening as I step through the front doors of the assisted living rehabilitation center. The building is quiet as I meander down the hall.

I spy a familiar face and walk into the room.

The mood is joyful and lively.

My friend’s father sits up in the bed. He is wearing his trademark grin. His wife stands close by and sports her own matching trademark smile.

The nurses are reveling in these guests who transport them with their infectious love and laughter.

As is customary in my column I will change the names to protect the innocent and call my friend’s parents, “Ricky and Lucy”

“Ricky just lights up every time Lucy walks into the room,” says a nurse. “That never happens here.”

We all giggle for a moment.

Ricky validates the comment and proudly confirms that seeing Lucy walk in is the best part of his day and that every time he sees Lucy it’s like seeing her for the first time.

I digest the splendor of their love and reflect on how seldom it is seen amongst long married couples.

It is some time later and long after my early evening visit that I am driving and hear a new song by country artist, Jana Kramer. It is titled, “Love.”

I am drawn to the beauty of the words……….

“I still believe in miracles. I still believe in wedding rings and Bibles. I still believe the best walk you will ever take is walking down the isle.” The song goes on to say, “Love, love, love I still believe in you. You’ll pull me through cause that’s what you do……that’s what you do, love.”

I think back to Ricky and Lucy.

I think back to their unique brand of love. A brand so strong it lasts them a lifetime.

I remember a moment while sharing cocktails with them.

“You’re a dreamer??” asks Ricky enthusiastically.

“Yes,” I say with a smile.

“I’m a dreamer too!!” he says proudly

He grabs my hand and races me into the dining room and announces to his two sons, “Did you know Colleen was a dreamer?!”

Then he urges me to tell them one of my crazy product ideas.

We all roar with laughter.

Ricky and I walk back outside and sit down next to Lucy. We sip our drinks and share a few more ideas as only dreamers can. He jokes about a book he wants to write.

Ricky sports the signature, “joie de vivre’ of every great dreamer. He revels in the endless possibilities of life. Ricky knows what I know. That the world is filled with realists, yet it’s sprinkled with just a few candy coated dreamers.

He tells me of a time, when as a young man, he comes home to tell Lucy that he wants to open a cheese shop on Long Island. Never mind that at that time, no one has ever heard of a shop just for cheese. Never mind that it involves quitting his very lucrative job. Never mind that soon Lucy will find herself working and selling cheese in that very shop. Never mind because Lucy believed in her dreamer who also happened to be intuitively ahead of his time.

A few days ago, I get the call that Ricky has left his love affair with life and therefore, his one true love.

Lucy has lost her dreamer.

I think back to the song, “Love.”

“Love, love, love I still believe in you. You’ll pull me through cause that’s what you do……that’s what you do, love.”

I think back to the rehabilitative center. I think back to Ricky lighting up when Lucy walks into the room.

Ricky believed in love and dreams.

Lucy believed in love and her dreamer.

And he proved to her that dreams really do come true.



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