My five and seven year old daughters both started receiving an allowance a few months ago. Zoe gets $1 a week and Ella gets $1.50, one quarter of which goes into their tzedakah boxes. So far, neither of them has chosen to buy anything with her savings, but yesterday, Zoe asked me to take her to buy a few take-apart erasers at a nearby store. Ella didn’t want to go, and was grouchy that Zoe wouldn’t wait for another day – so grouchy, in fact, that she.tried to blackmail strongly persuade Zoe into staying home. Zoe didn’t bite.

When we got to the store, Zoe saw a take-apart eraser that Ella been given as a gift and then lost. “I’m going to buy this for Ella,” she told me. “It’s the exact same one she lost. Don’t you think that will make her happy?”
Yes, it made Ella very happy. But not as happy as it made her mama.
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