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It’s my pleasure and honor to host Haveil Havalim for the first time; I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to step up to the plate. I did my best to include everyone’s work (but only three submissions per blog.) …Read More

Re-posted from November 2009 Chocolate production doesn’t much resemble the magical world portrayed in Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. No chocolate rivers, no trained squirrels, and sadly, no everlasting gobstoppers. However, there’s one very unfortunate similarity – the …Read More

You’re probably looking for great ideas for Hanukkah gifts for your children. And maybe you don’t want to spent $37 on alef-bet blocks like the folks over at Kveller. So, here’s a list of gift ideas bound to keep your …Read More

A few days ago, I wrote a little about my own experiences at sleep away camp, at Habonim Camp Moshavah, in the late 70’s and early 80’s. I have so many cherished memories of these years, and I have no …Read More

The winner (chosen by of Feivel’s Flying Horses is Anne, who commented   “My birthday tradition is that I share the birthday with my stepmom. I love that we share the date. My sister and daughter also have a shared …Read More

As solstice approaches and the days grow colder, shorter and just plain dreary, who doesn’t long to be magically transported to a warmer, greener and happier time? So yesterday seemed like the perfect time to finally crack open the review …Read More

It’s erev my birthday on the secular calendar. (Wondering when your birthday is on the Hebrew calendar? You can find out here.) Tomorrow I’ll be something-something. No, actually I’ll be 43. After spending the weekend with a bunch of young …Read More

I love many things about living in the Pioneer Valley, not the least of which is the number of people who share my values. In most homes I visit in Northampton I can ask “where do put your compost”, rather …Read More

Just a brief post about a sweet moment. Earlier this week, after my first immersion in the mikveh since the night before my wedding, the rebbetzin hugged me and said “may this mitzvah bring many blessings to you and your …Read More

Laura Lee will have a boker tov (good morning) when she finds out she is the winner of Joe Black’s book and cd Boker Tov! Laura, please email your address to homeshuling at gmail dot com. Everyone else, stay tuned …Read More