witch.jpgAs I’ve written before, our shul has a bit of a problem with hallway behavior. There are kids who run noisily through the halls, and who kids who somehow manage to run noisily in and out of the offices. They also run noisily in and out of of the childcare room. And the coat room. To their credit, they don’t seem to run noisily in and out of the bathroom.

Today, I was the mean old lady I remember from my own days of loitering in the halls at shul. I went around telling kids in a stern voice (and an even sterner face) they were not allowed to run in the halls. I threatened to to tell their parents. And then I did go tell some of their parents. A little later on, I saw the kids hiding from me, whispering and pointing. Just like I did to that mean old lady when I was a kid.
If I’m going to be a shul stereotype for the ages, I think I’d rather be the Candy Man.
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