March 2010 Archives

“What matters?” Zoe likes to ask, her arms held up in the universal child-asking-a-question gesture. She thinks it means “what’s the difference?”  To me, she sounds just like Yenta in Fiddler on the Roof whenever she says it, most often …Read More

Or at least the most efficient, since I could have easily eaten the entire batch in one sitting. My standard refrain about living in a small New England city is “everything is great, except for the bagels.” Now I can …Read More

I spent my first year of graduate school in Jerusalem. Because this was some twenty years ago, communication with friends and family in the States was primarily by mail, which often took two or three weeks to arrive at its …Read More

Did you ever wonder why, if we aren’t allowed to eat products made with wheat on Passover, that matzoh is totally kosher (so to speak?) I must admit that this question puzzled me until my mid-20’s, when I spent a …Read More

Here’s what one reviewer on Goodreads had to say about my book, A Mezuzah on the Door. “This book helped me to realize that you should disregard your values, traditions and beliefs simply because you are in an environment where …Read More

I know it’s not near Yom Kippur, but my brilliant, creative (and single just long enough to start dating again) brother just posted this to Youtube. It’s a song about Nineveh, the town that saved itself by doing to teshuvah, …Read More

These are the kinds of comments that spammers send my (and every other blogger’s) way to try to get their links on our sites. The first time I got one, I actually fell for it and approved the comment. I …Read More

Yesterday my girls and I were sitting in “family service” at our shul (ok, more accurately, Ella and I were sitting in family service while Zoe made endless what-is-the-opposite-of-beelines to the water fountain.) Even though I insist my children come …Read More

A little over a month ago I asked for challah recipes for my bread machine. I’ve been working my way through the many kind contributions, and wanted to report back. This report will inspire in you little or no confidence …Read More

Homeshuling turned one! My first post was on March 1, 2009, and featured my great-grandmother’s hamnetashen recipe. I started the blog because I had been fantasizing for a while about writing a Jewish parenting book, and thought that starting a …Read More