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For the first four years of Ella’s life, we delivered many mishloach manot baskets, but did not receive a single one. We don’t live in a very observant community, and many of our friends are either not Jewish or non-practicing …Read More

Ella, dressed as “Esther, but not Queen Esther.” Zoe is Princess Isabella, a character in a computer game she plays on line when I’m ignoring her.

Overheard in play room Zoe: I’m having a baby, I’m having a baby! Ella: Quick, get some scissors! Me: You know, a mommy doesn’t usually need to get cut open to have a baby. The baby comes out the vagina. …Read More

Courtesty of Ella, age 6. evry one in the cassol is yelling at Vashty to Never Come back a servint is dragging Vashty. But evry One is still yelling. Now That the king dos not have a kween he is …Read More

My four year old, Zoe, invented these bite-size hamentashen in our marathon baking session with bubbe. Aren’t they adorable?That’s a nickel in the middle, for perspective. With all the 100 calorie packaged snacks on the market, I think we could …Read More

A theme of Purim is v’nahafoch hu, a celebration of things getting turned upside down. Haman builds gallows for Mordechai, and is hung on those same gallows. Haman plans a fantastic reward for himself, and instead has to bestow this …Read More

not quite how i imagine esther Recently Ella has begun creating her own megillah, a telling of the book of Esther, which she is hanging on the walls of her and her sister’s bedroom. Consequently, she’s been trying to clarify …Read More

A few years ago, my daughters went to a Valentine making workshop at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art. This is a gem of a museum, and the program was wonderful (my lack of enthusiasm for Valentine’s Day …Read More

In the hopes of spreading the word about my blog, I’ve created a facebook group. If you’re on facebook, will you become a fan of Homeshuling?

I’m a holiday kind of gal. I really enjoy excuses to celebrate special days, especially when the celebrations involve preparing food. But Valentine’s Day? I’m just not that into it. There’s been some shakla v’tarya amongst the Jewish mommy bloggers …Read More