mom1My mom sent me a link to a wonderful article by Anne Roiphe for, called Grandmothers Should Be Seen and Not Heard. It’s written for grandmothers, but it actually was a wonderful read for me. I wish I didn’t agree with almost everything she said, but I do. My mom is a superb bubbe, and I know that she thinks I’m a wonderful mom, but I still can’t handle her criticisms, or even her suggestions (even the good ones), very gracefully. The comments on the article are all from grandparents – I’d love to hear what some moms think about it.

Of course, I too need to be reminded to shut up from time to time. Here’s a great poem to that effect (sort of) that I read on the bullseye, baby blog. Warning: contains the f word a few times. Thanks, Jena!
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