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I’m reposting this from my classroom blog – a note to parents about how I talked with first graders about the Book of Life: To prepare for Yom Kippur, Kitah Aleph learned the traditional greeting “Chatimah Tovah”, which loosely translates …Read More

At the beginning of the summer, I blogged about our garden. I promised an update, both on the harvest and whether I succeeded in using the garden to teach my girls about the agricultural mitzvot. Some of our crops were bountiful. …Read More

Wishing you joy, peace and harmony in the year to come. With Love, Homeshuling

reprinted from the PJ Library newsletter, September 2008 This past month, my daughter Ella received a copy of The Hardest Word from the PJ Library. In this story, a giant mythical bird called the Ziz accidentally destroys a vegetable garden …Read More

Are you looking for a wonderful apple cake recipe? I was going to post my mom’s, but it turns out that smitten kitchen and I have the same mom. Or at least the same recipe. Her write-up is a lot …Read More

I’ve been a little underwhelmed thus far by my new (if you consider something from good-will new) bread machine. The bread smells great but it looks funny and has an odd texture. I’ve come up with one recipe, however, that …Read More

Although I’ve hardly had time to think about it, Rosh Hashanah is, in fact, just over a week away. We have a couple of new-ish family traditions (we’re a new-ish family after all); I make my mother’s Jewish apple cake …Read More

  better than I can make Last week, for the first time in a very, very long time, the majority of my waking hours were spent at work. In addition to being at my new home away from home for …Read More

Both Ella and Zoe’s PJ Library books for the month of September arrived today. Zoe ripped open the envelope to reveal “Oh, no,” said Zoe. “I hope I don’t get that book,” added Ella. Sigh.

Last week I returned to work full time after six years of part-time employment (and full time parenting, of course.) I’ve spent most of my waking hours in meetings and setting up my classroom in anticipation of the first day …Read More