August 2009 Archives

In case I was ever worried about Zoe’s self esteem: Me: Zoe, what do you think Rosie (a friend from pre-school) would like for her birthday? Zoe:  A big picture of me when I was a baby. In a heart. …Read More

written for the The PJ Library® September e-newsletter There are some indisputable signs that Autumn is coming – the lettuce has bolted, the broccoli has gone to seed, the Perseid meteorites have showered down in the night sky, and the back …Read More

In exactly a week and a half I will be returning to full-time work out of the home for the first time since giving birth to Ella, six years ago. While my husband will be taking on some of the …Read More

Last month I wrote about how my husband and I had just about lost control of the bedtime hours. When we returned from our vacation at the beach, I decided to tackle this situation before the girls go back to …Read More

It’s a widespread custom to dip challah in salt before eating it. Why? When the Temple was standing in Jerusalem, the Israelites worshipped God by offering sacrifices, which they were commanded to salt.  By dipping the challah in salt, our …Read More

We’ve actually been home for almost a week, but I’ve been having a hard time getting back to blogging. We had a fantastic vacation, visiting my mother at the Delaware shore, and part of the reason I’ve been reluctant to …Read More